What is Conservation-restoration of cultural heritage

After learning about the World Heritage List from UNESCO World Heritage Center I would like to write a topic about Conservation-Restoration which had been delayed long enough. I’m interested to protect our valueble cultural heritage, conservation is very much needed. What is the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage? You will find the answer to this question in this article.


Conservation is generally defined as the protection of valuable substances, but in the treasury of conservation experts, it turns out that it has a series of different meanings of its implications.

The conservation term commonly used by architects refers to the 1981 Charter of the ICOMOS, conducted in Burra, Australia. This Charter is better known as the Burra Charter. In the Burra Charter, the concept of conservation is all protection and maintenance activities in accordance with the agreements formulated in the charter.

Conservation is the concept of the management process of a place or space or object so that the cultural meaning contained therein is well maintained.

This understanding actually needs to be expanded more specifically, that is the maintenance of morphology (physical form) and its function. Conservation activities include all maintenance activities in accordance with local conditions and situations as well as development efforts for further utilization.

When linked to the area, conservation of the area or sub-section of the city includes an effort to prevent the existence of social change activities or inappropriate and not physical use.

Conservation activities can include preservation, replication, restoration, revitalization, reconstruction, and rehabilitation to prevent extinction. This activity depends on the conditions, problems, and possibilities that can be developed in further maintenance efforts.

The common people are often mistaken that the preservation of historical buildings is directed to become a static monument, but it can actually be developed into a living monument that is functionally useful for today’s generation.


Meanwhile, restoration in a broad context is an activity to restore the formation of a place physically, so that it can exactly look like the previous conditions. Restoration can be done by removing additions or reassembling existing components without using new material.

Whereas in a limited context, restoration is defined as an activity to restore buildings and cultural heritage environments as closely as possible to their original form based on supporting data. The data can be about its architectural and structural forms in the original state so that the technical requirements of the building are fulfilled

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