How To Promote And Preserve Our Culture

Do You Know How To Promote And Preserve Our Culture? This article will discuss how to promote and preserve our culture. The following are some ways you can do to promote and maintain the culture of our own country, including the following:

Example of the Ways to Promote Our Culture

  1. By introducing our original dances
  2. By introducing our original music and songs
  3. By introducing our original food recipes
  4. By always using our original clothes
  5. Promoting tourism in social media

The role of society in preserving the culture

As good citizens, of course, we must take part in maintaining our culture to prevent extinction. In maintaining and preserving the local culture in the community, it can be done in various ways. Some ways that can be done by a member of the community, especially us as a young generation in supporting the preservation of culture and participating in maintaining local culture include:

  1. Want to learn the culture, whether it’s just to know or can also participate in practising it in our lives.
  2. Participate if there are activities in the context of cultural preservation, for example:
    Participate in competitions about cultures, such as traditional dance or regional theatre.
    Participate in traditional cultural performances at certain events or activities, such as when celebrating the anniversary of national independence, holding a local performance that smells of struggle, and others.
  3. Teaching that culture to the next generation so that culture is not destroyed and can still survive.
  4. Love your own culture without degrading and harassing other people’s culture.
  5. Practicing the use of that culture in everyday life, for example, language culture.
  6. Eliminating feelings of prestige or embarrassment with the culture we have.
  7. Avoiding primordialism and ethnocentrism

Such are some ways we can do in the process of cultural preservation. It is hoped that all of our awareness as the next generation can still maintain and preserve culture. Do you have other ideas about how to promote and preserve our culture?

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