How can we prevent cultural heritage extinction?

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OK back to topic. Actually, there are several ways we can do it. What are they?

Self-Awareness in Maintaining Culture

To keep our culture sustainable, the first is from our own awareness and our own will and love of our homeland. As some of the responses above, we must first see how conscious we will love our homeland.

How can it be if not with our own awareness we can maintain the preservation of our culture, because there may be some people who say that we must maintain the preservation of our culture but in fact, it has not done so?

Some ways to prevent cultural heritage extinction

Along with the times, the generations of the nation have begun to forget and leave these very rich cultures. Globalization also has a strong influence in reducing the level of public concern in maintaining or preserving our culture.

There are four important ways that can be done to preserve our culture:

  1. Get to know the culture
    Finding out about our origin culture
    Follow activities or communities about cultures, such as traditional dance, traditional sports, and others.
  2. Teach culture to others
    Teaching around the environment by introducing how beautiful and rich our culture is
  3. Introducing culture abroad
    Post local art activities on social media
    Use local products
    Exporting goods produced by local cultural arts
  4. Not affected by foreign culture
    Make culture your identity
    Choosing and sorting out foreign cultures that have a positive impact on local culture
  5. Learning
    No need to cover yourself from outside culture. Learn about their culture, take positivity, implement it in our culture.
  6. Proud and use our cultural products
    It’s useless if the young people become fierce on social media when our culture is claimed by neighbouring countries but still lazy to study it for fear of being ridiculed.
    The change in mindset begins to become a pioneer for our own cultural products. We can start by using authentic products from local productions, as well as eats original culinary recipes.

Those are the ways of how can we prevent cultural heritage extinction.

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